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The Smokin' Fez Monkeys

The Smokin Fez Monkeys is a modern retro and nowtro bluesy jazzy vaudeville band that puts the fun back into music again. They play a wacky mixture of songs and tunes from several decades ago, mixed in with a number of snappy original ones written by a few of the band members. There are more than a few surprises along the way. It’s a sort of a ragtime-cartoon-Vaudeville-circus-hobo-gypsy-jazz thing.

The band consists of:

Princess Petunia Lee Petalbottom plays the fiddle and sings - boy and how! Classically trained and steeped in just about everything else, she can weave a spectacular and dazzling array of notes into the songs with her violin. And then when she sings? Whowee! Real purdy-like! She keeps the boys in tune and lends an air of class and style to these 2 clod-hoppers.

Gnarly Snag is the guitarist of the group. Having played in just about every durned kind of band before, he brings a mixed-up sensibility to the whole thing, if ya know what I mean. And he sings pretty decent, too!

Uh, Clem is the other half of the rhythm section on upright bass. Jim also wears many hats: Fedora, cowboy, derby, etc. Occasionally the band will let him play guitar, too. Oh and Uh, Clem keeps us all together in some semblance of professionality. Not an easy job, I can tell you!

Contact Information:

Jim Stone
PO Box 4243
Akron, OH 44321
office 330-668-3040
cell 330-310-1544

Band Website: or

The Smokin' Fez Monkeys
Technical Information

Setup: Our normal setup is as follows. Stage right to stage left: Clem,Petunia, Gnarly. We usually need about 12-15 feet of stage width to accommodate our people and instruments. We can work in more crowded spaces if needed.

If needed, we have adequate sound equipment to handle most venues. Clem has considerable experience running sound for events and concerts. Equipment available includes microphones, cables, mixers, power amps, speakers, etc.

Mics and Channels:

Petunia – one vocal mic and one direct channel for violin.

Gnarly – one vocal mic, guitar plaugged in direct.

Clem – one vocal mic, upright bass is plugged in direct, guitar plugged in direct

Uh, Clem - Petunia - Gnarly

Liner notes from our cd, thanks to our creative department:

Loaded with old favorites and originals that someday will be,
and armed with a batch of low tech whizbangs
that can barely be classified as instruments,
The Smokin Fez Monkeys
are a special ops unit in the war against seriousness.
If you force us to describe ourselves,
we might evade you with something artsy and esoteric like,
“Cheapshot trashophonic retrovaudevillian gypsy hobo quackeristic
wackhouse with a twist of Spike on the cutting edge of cornball.”
But you can just call us a jug band.
Our mission is to do to music what the Wienermobile did to the auto,
what M.C. Escher did to the third dimension,
what Bugs Bunny did to Elmer Fudd.
We're trying like crazy to put the fun back into live music
and bring the audience back into the mix.
So give us a listen.
Better yet, come and see us. And prepare yourself to
clap your hands and stamp your feet and sing along;
be part of the show, make smart remarks, and have a barrel of fun.
We were going to say something about our great talent
and brilliant technical skills, but we're out of space.
Oh, yeah. Don't buy anything from Rattletrap Jack.

Give us a google, it’s good for a giggle:
For bookings call 330-668-3040
Ask for the funny lookin’ guy with the derby

Venues we have played include:

The Barking Spider – Cleveland
Willoughby Fine Arts Association - Willoughby
Poor Richard’s – North Ridgeville
Painesville Party in the Park
Dulci-More Festival – Lisbon, OH
Fat Fish Blue - Cleveland
The Prosperity Social Club – Cleveland
The Winchester - Lakewood
Mountain Rose Concert Series – Kent
Scott’s Folkatorium - Akron
The Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland
First Night – Salem, OH
The Kent Stage – Kent, Ohio
Wilbert’s – Cleveland, OH
Central Ohio Folk Festival – Columbus, OH
Raccoon County Festival – Burton, OH
The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI
Lookabout Lodge – Cleveland Metroparks
Seiberling Naturealm – Akron Metroparks
Cuyahoga Community College West – Parma
Berea Arts Fest – Berea, OH
Kamms Corners Farmers Market – Cleveland
Kent State Folk Fest – ‘Round Town Night
FIMU Festival – Belfort, France
National Jug Band Jubilee – Louisville, KY
Jupiter Studios, Alliance, OH
Utica Ice Cram Festival - Utica, OH
Duct Tape Festival - Avon, OH
Lakewood Public Library, Lakewood, OH
Copley Bandstand Series - Copley, OH
Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Festival - Georgetown, OH
Bratwurst Festival - Bucyrus, OH
Thumbfest - Lexington, MI
Light Up Lantern Festival - Akron, OH
Holmes County Antique Festival - Millersburg, OH
Brook Park Library - Brook Park, OH
Brunswick Summer Celebration - Brunswick, OH
Garrettsville Summer Fest - Garrettsville, OH
Summer Concert Serites - Avon Lake, OH
Carey Fest - Carey, OH
Geauga County Fair - Burton, OH
Pemberville Opera House Concert Series - Pemberville, OH
Grand Rapids Opera House Concert Series - Grand Rapids, OH
Oberlin Folk Fest - Oberlin, OH
Washboard Festival - Logan, OH
Akron Zoo - Akron, OH
Fort Stevenson Bicentennial Celebration - Fremont, OH
First Night Akron - Akron, OH
P.J. McIntyres - Cleveland, OH

Some better-known acts for which we have opened or shared programs:

The Asylum Street Spankers
Robin and Linda Williams
The Austin Lounge Lizzards
Mustard’s Retreat
Caravan of Thieves

What do we really look like?

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